The promise of tomorrow begins with today.

There is hardly anyone in the world who doesn’t have an ear for music. Although different people have different preferences of music genres, the meaning of it remains the same to all of them – tranquility, joy, and satisfaction. In the hustle and bustle of life, it comes as no surprise that most people prefer to listen to music while on their way and back from work. Music is the vehicle of emotions; a vehicle that touches the chords of the heart.

GTM Group chose to pioneer in this field to encourage budding talents by sponsoring their dreams. It has launched some very melodious music so far:

  • Chupke Se – An album containing melodies that soothe the soul
  • Guru Aradhna – A devotional album for inner peace
  • Jeet Jayenge – An album keeping with the spirit of the religion of India- cricket.

We hope to launch many more albums in the future and continue to give the youth a platform to voice their talent.